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ternYpe project "Roma Genocide" at European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2011

The ternYpe project “The Roma Genocide - Young Europeans commemorating the Extermination of the Roma during the Holocaust” was selected as one of the 27 national winning projects for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. Two days before the International Charlemagne Prize is conferred to the President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Parliament and the Charlemagne Prize Foundation awarded the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. Once more hundreds of young people from all 27 Member States of the European Union have taken part in the competition organised for this prize, with projects which demonstrate exemplary European spirit.

Around August 2nd, 2010 “ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network” brought together young Europeans of different cultures and backgrounds to commemorate the extermination of Roma in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and to develop a dialogue on the topic of xenophobia and racism in Europe today.

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Documentary online: The Roma Genocide

The documentary film about the ternYpe project "The Roma Genocide", which took place in August 2010 in Kraków/Auschwitz, Poland is finally online.

length: 9:34 minutes
realized by: Israel Ramirez Sanchez

Around August 2nd, 2011 “ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network” will bring together young Europeans of different cultures and backgrounds to commemorate the extermination of Roma in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and to develop a dialogue on the topic of xenophobia and racism in Europe today. Knowledge and recognition of the extermination of Roma during the Second World War is still very limited - especially among young Europeans including the Roma. The seminar will focus on the concepts, methods and challenges of Holocaust education related to the Roma Genocide. Moreover, follow-up measures and activities will be developed that can be realized by participants in their home countries based on the “ternYpe” philosophy of intercultural dialogue and mobilization of young Roma. more information

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Peaceful protest on the International Roma Day at the European Roma Platform (08. 04. 2011)

The 5th European Roma Platform met in Budapest on the International Day of Roma to discuss about Roma integration strategy framework. The Hungarian members of the ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and the students of Romaversitas Foundation decided to demonstrate to highlight some question about the strategy, such as the framework doesn't expicitly address Roma youth.In front of the building where the Platform meeting was, Romani civilans, Romaversitas students and ternYpe members protested peacefully, and celebrated Romani culture and raised awareness of the issues facing Romani people.


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On May 28th 2011 the first edition of the Roma Youth Festival “Primavera Kalo” took place in the Plaça del Sol in Barcelona. The event was organized by Ternikalo XXI, the Spanish member organization of the International Roma Youth Network ternYpe. The Festival was organized in the framework of Spanish actions of the “ALL in ONE” campaign, implemented in all member countries of TernYpe network. Primavera Kalo was organized in collaboration with Roma and non-Roma youth from different European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain), participants in the seminar “Strategies for mobilization, participation and empowerment of Roma youth” organized by Ternikalo XXI, which took place in Barcelona between 25 and 30th of May 2011.

The objective of the festival was to give greater visibility to the Roma youth, promote a positive image of Roma youth as active citizens and to promote and strengthen the confidence of Roma identity. In the words of Israel Ramirez, president of Ternikalo XXI , “we are a new generation, and despite the great problems of racism or education which we still suffer from, the most educated Roma generation in history. Now we start to auto-organize and we want to change the discourse from victimisation to participation, mobilization and empowerment of the youth.” 

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First Albanian Roma Youth Congress

"The youth, this force which toppled the Berlin wall in November of 1989, will now break down the wall of discrimination and stereotypes." This was the message that young people expressed during the "First Congress of Roma Youth", organized by “Roma Active Albania” on April 15-th 2011, which attracted more than 200 young people from Tirana, Durres, Korca, Fier, Pogradec, Vlora, etc., as delegates, representing Roma youth in those cities. "We are part of the society of this country; we are that force which will contribute for Albania to join the European family, "said Erion Xhaibra, one youth representative from the city of Durres.

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ternYpe statement during OSI Roma youth conference

While the EU Youth Conference is held here under the auspices of the Hungarian EU Presidency, we take part on an exclusive meeting in order to remind Europe not forget about Roma and minority youth issues. This shows clearly how far away we still are from inclusive strategies, where Roma youth can have their own voice.

Roma are European citizens. Nevertheless, they face structural discrimination and are not accepted as equal citizens. Prejudices and stereotypes are widely spread and remain often unquestioned in the media, in politics and in society. We are strongly concerned about the current rise of extremism, racism and antigypsyism in many European countries. Stigmatization of Roma and antigypsyism are some of the main causes of social exclusion.

This situation puts in doubt not just the prosperous, tolerant and peaceful future of Europe, but it puts under risk the potentials and the future of a huge group of young people! Over 30 % of Roma are currently under 14 years, probably half of the Roma population is under 18 years old and this in a constantly aging society.

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