The Roma Genocide

Around August 2nd, 2011 “ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network” will bring together young Europeans of different cultures and backgrounds to commemorate the extermination of Roma in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and to develop a dialogue on the topic of xenophobia and racism in Europe today. Knowledge and recognition of the extermination of Roma during the Second World War is still very limited - especially among young Europeans including the Roma. The seminar will focus on the concepts, methods and challenges of Holocaust education related to the Roma Genocide. Moreover, follow-up measures and activities will be developed that can be realized by participants in their home countries based on the “ternYpe” philosophy of intercultural dialogue and mobilization of young Roma.

The aim of the event and the seminar is to inform young people with different backgrounds about the genocide of Roma. Holocaust education has the aim to make young people understand the mechanism of exclusion, of racism, anti-Semitism, antigypsyism and populist and dogmatic manipulation of people which led to the worst moment of human action in history. Critical thinking is a key asset to raise civic courage and active citizenship in the fight against extremism and racism.

August 2nd – Commemoration for the murdered Sinti and Roma in Auschwitz
In the night of August 2nd to 3rd 1944, 2897 elderly people, women and children, the remaining Sinti and Roma of the so-called "gypsy camp" at Auschwitz-Birkenau, were murdered in the gas chambers. On this day we remember the countless people who were persecuted and murdered as "gypsies” under the Nazi rule. Just in Auschwitz there were approximately 23.000 out of half a million Sinti and Roma who were murdered by the Nazis in Europe. The 2nd of August reminds us of these issues but at the same time it reminds us to intervene and fight the multifaceted and never-ending discrimination of Sinti and Roma. From July 31st until August 3rd, 2011 about 70 young Europeans will take part in a two day visit to Auschwitz and in a commemoration program.


The international seminar
After the commemoration days in Auschwitz about 40 young Roma and non-Roma from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and Poland will come together for a four-day seminar in Krakow. The program includes various discussions about the Holocaust, the backgrounds, the mechanisms of exclusion, racism and antigypsyism, with a special focus of its importance for the present. The young people will be able to exchange information about the perception and awareness of the Holocaust in different countries. The seminar will try to raise the critical thinking of young people to strengthen their civic courage, social engagement and responsibility in society.

Documentation online (7 MB, pdf)