The International Roma Youth Network „ternYpe” currently has the following structure before being formalized in the close future:

General Assembly (GA):  Decides about the line of working, new members, exclusion from the Network. Every NGO has one vote in the GA. Individuals do not have votes. The GA creates working groups (WG), and temporary working groups (TWG) to expend different topics, organize projects, activities. Currently the General Assembly meets twice a year in different countries, regularly in spring and fall.

Working Group: A small group of the members (4-5 people), which works in the long run on different topics (decided by the GA). The WGs focus on long term issues, like development of a network strategy, funding, youth policy etc.

Temporary Working Group (here under TWG): A small group of the members (4-5 people), which works short term on different topics (decided by the GA). The TWGs realise the “theories”, strategies of the WG-s with different activities – campaigning, job shadowing, trainings, fundraising, local events, exchanges etc.



Application for ternYpe membership

From all organizations and people who would like to join “ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network”, we expect to receive an application which will be discussed by all members in the ternYpe General Assembly. The General Assembly takes place twice per year, regularly during spring and fall. A General Assembly can grant the status “associated member”, and later full membership. Moreover, the General Assembly assigns a Temporary Working Group to visit the applicant.


The application should consist of the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation, explaining your motivation to be part of the network especially regarding our mission
  • CV/chronology of the organization
  • Presentation of the board, team and youth group, especially the contact persons of ternYpe
  • Strategy: explanation how the organization wants to develop and what to achieve in 3 years
  • Finances: annual report of the last year

The rules of the Network adopted by the General Assembly in Krakow, PL in Jan 2010:

Candidate members are:

  • willing and able to contribute and rise the capacity of the network
  • transparent, have a learning attitude and will to provide all relevant information
  • willing to adopt principles of the network, like activating, empowering, mobilising and investing in the capacity of Roma youth.

Expectations from the candidate members:

  • to develop strategy in connection with Roma youth
  • investing in support for Roma youth and have them organised in networks
  • to be dedicated to the mission of the network
  • open attitude, willingness to share
  • capacity building of Roma youth on different levels
  • grass roots support
  • being transparent and having a learning attitude and interest
  • enable Roma youth to take responsibility