Philosophy and mission

We are a network of youth and youth associations, which creates space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilisation, self-organisation and participation. We believe in the common efforts by creating trust, and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma youth.

Strategy and principles
ternYpe already prepared its strategy 2011-2013 based on ternYpe principals: Empowerment, mobilization, self-organization and participation, which was elaborated through the significant contribution of its member organizations.

Empowerment and mobilization
Empowerment and mobilization of young Roma is one of the key priorities in the mission of ternYpe. We want to support the youngsters, as individuals and as a group with all its diversity, to strengthen their identity, to develop their own vision and to realize their dreams. We are searching for new tools to encourage and enable young people to become active citizens, and to influence changes in their communities, as well as in their societies.

Youth participation
Having a voice is essential for participation and active citizenship and is necessary to ensure a democratic society regardless of social class, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. There is a great need to include a youth dimension in the policies and programs for Roma and in general, which are developed based on a mutual dialogue between young people, policy-makers and public administrations.

We strengthen self-organization of Roma youth as one of the core principles in order to organize ourselves into structures such as community-based groups, networks, platforms that promote the responsibility and also use and promote the resources of the community.

Intercultural dialogue and common efforts of Roma and non-Roma
One ofour main goals is to bring Roma and non-Roma youth together to take responsibility in society to build trust and mutual respect. By working together we want to strengthen the intercultural dialogue between young people and fight against prejudice, racism and discrimination. Intercultural learning is lifelong learning. The diversity of our members and of our experience is at the same time the strength of our network and partnership.