Youth action

ternYpe European Youth Campaign

The ternYpe European Youth Campaign stands up for mutual respect and responsibility of ALL in ONE society.We stand up against extremism, antigypsyism, racism, stigmatization and discrimination in Europe. As young Roma and non-Roma we want to take responsibility and show through our commitment and activism that intercultural dialogue and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma are real and possible.

Philosophy of ternYpe

We are a network of youth and youth associations, which creates space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilisation, self-organisation and participation. We believe in the common efforts by creating trust, and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma youth.


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Don't Worry! Be Gypsy!

From April 29th to May 9th, over 35 youth leaders from 10 countries came together in the international training-course “Don’t Worry! Be Gypsy!” in Berlin. This training-course intended to strengthen the capacity and leadership skills of youth leaders, youth workers and young artists who work in the field of intercultural dialogue with creative and artistic methods. A special attention was given to the equal involvement of Roma, non-Roma and other minority youth leaders. We believe that we can use art as a tool in order to break stereotypes, to cross traditional borders, to develop strong messages of political and social campaigning, to create an open space of intercultural dialogue and to develop the personality and capacity of young people.

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