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Integrate Volunteering. Volunteers Integrate. Volunteering and migrants

The platform Young Migrants organised a workshop on Saturday bringing together volunteers from migrant’s organisations from all over Europe. Together, they discussed the benefits and challenges of volunteer work for migrants.
All of the participants stressed that volunteering does enhance the chances for integration. First, on a personal level. They emphasised that migrants can start to be who they are by volunteering. Volunteering can give migrants the self-confidence that migrants need to fight racism actively. It gives them the courage needed to challenge prejudices of the local population.
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In New York for the 49 th Session of the CEDAW Committee

From July 9 to 15 Malena Halilovic, a member of the Romà Onlus, was in New York to attend the 49th CEDAW session, the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, held at United Nations Headquarters.
Here is the story of her experience:
“Some months ago, Romà Onlus contacted me to tell me that the ERRC (European Roma Rights Centre him) was looking for girls to do a research on the  situation of Roma women in Italy and that I was selected along with other Roma girls. During the course they taught us to do interviews. Then we began the research, that lasted 8 months. The Women i met were collaborative and recounted the many incidents of discrimination they suffer every day. It was a long and difficult work. Once I finished the interviews, I have sent it to ERRC who drafted the report. Later, ERRC has chosen me to go in the United States and present it to the CEDAW Committee, together with a representative of the ERRC during the  49th session of the CEDAW Committee.
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Interviews of some ternYpe members made by the EU parliament journalist

Merdjan Jakupov, Macedonia, 24
Currently I am in Germany, where I have been volunteering at Amarodrom Berlin for the past 8 or 9 months. It's a young organisation of roma and non-roma together. We do a lot of self-organising, mobilizing and building a cultural identity. Amaroforo, on the local level, has three different groups: a youth, a political and a cultural group. And then you also have TERN YPE, which is an international organisation of 9 countries of Roma. It is with them that I am here in Brussels. But I love volunteering in Germany, not in the least because it's a very fast and easy way to learn the German language. It's also a good way to learn to be responsible. My favourite part of being here in Brussels at the Youth Convention is working with young people, promoting TERN YPE, putting us on the map and trying to recruit members for our organisation. My message to possible recruits? "Be young, be a volunteer!"


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Call for Applications: Youth Response to Xenophobia and Racism in Europe

The Open Society Foundations announce an open call for proposals for new and innovative initiatives that promote tolerance and inclusion or combat racism and xenophobia in Europe.

The Open Society Foundations place a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of people across societies, especially marginalized and excluded communities.  The Open Society Youth Initiative seeks to identify, support and promote the work of European youth seeking to combat xenophobia and intolerance and to promote inclusion.

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Young Volunteers Stand Up! The II Youth Convention on Volunteering

The Event in a Nutshell
From 7th to 11th September 2011, the European Parliament will host the biggest public event organised by the European Youth Forum in the frame of the European Year of Volunteering.
The target audiences of the event are young people, youth organisations, public institutions and the wider public.



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Being Jewish is sexy! Being Roma is sexy! Volunteering is sexy!

Volunticipate -  community building through voluntary work across Europe
a partnership building activity between Roma and Jewish youth organizations  

During the 1st-7th August 2011 thirty young volunteers and NGO professionals are meeting in Hungary to build partnerships between Roma and Jewish youth organizations, across eight countries in Europe. The theme of the “Volunticipate!” project is community building and volunteer work related to social change. Participants will plan projects together, and exchange experiences about minority identity and grass roots civil activism. 

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