Interviews of some ternYpe members made by the EU parliament journalist

Merdjan Jakupov, Macedonia, 24
Currently I am in Germany, where I have been volunteering at Amarodrom Berlin for the past 8 or 9 months. It's a young organisation of roma and non-roma together. We do a lot of self-organising, mobilizing and building a cultural identity. Amaroforo, on the local level, has three different groups: a youth, a political and a cultural group. And then you also have TERN YPE, which is an international organisation of 9 countries of Roma. It is with them that I am here in Brussels. But I love volunteering in Germany, not in the least because it's a very fast and easy way to learn the German language. It's also a good way to learn to be responsible. My favourite part of being here in Brussels at the Youth Convention is working with young people, promoting TERN YPE, putting us on the map and trying to recruit members for our organisation. My message to possible recruits? "Be young, be a volunteer!"


Karolina, Poland, 28
She is working as a volunteer since three years for TERNYPE and her desire is making Roma people active and integrated citizens. She plans and organizes seminars, events and trainings for the young Roma to give them the right tools to improve themselves and becoming part of the society. She will never forget the first time that TERNYPE participated at an international meeting in Cordoba, where she could organize and take part in events such as music and artistic workshops. 
Slogan: Only one society




Aleksandra Jach, Poland, 22
My volunteering organisation, Harangos, works against stigmatisation and racism, our focus being the Roma people. I started in the beginning of this year, when my friend, the leader of Harangos, asked me to join. I joined because I want to help people – I'm a non-Roma myself, but I think we are also needed to speak up for them. We campaign in many countries by performing theatre, music and organising performances and workshops. Why to volunteer? If you want to change something that's wrong in the society, this is the way to do it. It's hard work and good fun.
SLOGAN: All in one society

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