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Deadline July 26th: Roma Youth Conference - September 26-30, 2011

The Roma Youth Conference aims at bringing together Roma youth organisations and Roma youth representatives to discuss the priority needs and objectives for a Roma Youth Action Plan within the Council of Europe. In addition to the need to implement a youth dimension to the Strasbourg Declaration, the youth sector of the Council of Europe is driven by the need to refresh its approach on working with young Roma in view of the bi-annual programme of activities for 2012-2013. A Roma Youth Action Plan will provide a strategic approach to the youth policy of the Council of Europe regarding Roma by pooling resources and initiatives and by linking individual activities with medium-term goals.

The involvement of Roma young people in discussing and preparing the priorities and approaches of such a Roma Youth Action Plan is crucial to its relevance and success. The Roma Youth Conference is organised by the Directorate of Youth and Sport, together with the Support Team of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma Issues. It is prepared in cooperation with European Roma youth networks (FERYP and Ternype) with participation of the Advisory Council on Youth and the European Steering Committee on Youth, the two bodies of co-management in the Council of Europe youth sector.

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