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European Parliament recognizes 2 August as the European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day

europeanparliamentApril 15, 2015 marked a historical moment. The European Parliament voted with an overwhelming majority to finally adopt a resolution which recognizes “the historical fact of the genocide of Roma that took place during World War II” and concludes “that a European day should be dedicated to commemorating the victims of the genocide of the Roma during World War II.” Of huge importance is the fact that this resolution also “underlines the need to combat anti-Gypsyism at every level and by every means, and stresses that this phenomenon is an especially persistent, violent, recurrent and commonplace form of racism.”

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Roma Genocide Survivor and Young Roma Activists meet Members of the European Parliament

40 Roma youth activists from around Europe and 90-year old Roma Genocide survivor Raymond Gurême met the Members of the European Parliament Soraya Post, Damian Draghici, Barbara Lochbihler and Péter Niedermüller in Brussels to address the importance of the recognition of the Roma Genocide and August 2 as Remembrance Day, as well as to stress the capacity and role of young Roma in their communities and the need for investment into Roma youth structures.

WorkingBreakfast (1)The Working Breakfast of Young Roma with Members of the European Parliament allowed small groups of young people to address and discuss with the MEP their thoughts, personal experiences and proposals regarding the situation of Roma especially youth in Europe today. Raymond Gurême, who survived the Roma Genocide during WWII and fought in the French Resistance, shared his testimony, as well as the unresolved incidence from September 2014, where he was brutally beaten by French policemen in his own home.

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Seminar on Remembrance and Holocaust Education on the Roma Genocide

This “Seminar on Remembrance and Holocaust Education on the Roma Genocide” gathers 40 representatives of partner organizations, educational multipliers and youth activists in order to share experiences and practices, to work on the development of educational methods, tools and strategies, and to develop and coordinate future educational and advocacy actions.  The seminar takes place in the framework of the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative of ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and a broad partnership of civil society organizations.

The seminar addresses the question how to empower young Roma to have a voice to become key agents of change, and to foster solidarity among young people! Moreover, the seminar creates a space for the participants to discuss about their vision for a different and just Europe. The participants discuss in the seminar, how young Roma and non-Roma can build a European culture based on respect, dialogue, human rights and equal opportunities. How can we create space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilization, self-organization and participation? It shall be discussed during the seminar how the wider official recognition of the Roma Genocide in Europe and the formal establishment of August 2nd as the memorial day of the Roma Genocide can be addressed in the civic educational work.

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Call for participants: Roma Genocide Rembrance Initiative 2014

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Remember the past, act in the present, and change the future! Come and join the “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”!

Marking the 70th anniversary of the remembrance day of the Roma Genocide on August 2, we gather 1.000 young Roma and non-Roma from all over the world. This is a unique and outstanding event that gives 1.000 young people and youth organizations the opportunity to come together in a social forum, to exchange experiences and to debate about the past, present and future! We remember the Roma Genocide, we learn about the past and present in workshops, and we present our initiatives and organizations. The initiative is organized by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and a large number of member and partner organizations.

Be aware that a registration is not yet a confirmation of participation. Find selection conditions and conditions for external participants here.

When? July 30 – August 4th, 2014
Where? Krakow/Auschwitz, Poland
Who? 1.000 young Roma and non-Roma from around Europe
Organizations? Are invited to contact us for partnership


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ternYpe "Take Action"

After a successful International training in Kosice,  we managed to  strengthen the capacity and leadership skills of youth leaders and youth workers operating in the field of intercultural dialogue. Special attention was given to the equal involvement of Roma, non-Roma and other minority youth leaders. We used art as a tool in order to break stereotypes, to fights against discrimination to develop strong messages of political and social campaigning, to create an open space of intercultural dialogue and to develop the personality and capacity of young people. The aim of this seminar was to strength the leadership skills through different creative methods like theatre, artistic workshops and writing about our personal histories. The training course was challenging participants, new potential volunteers and youth workers of ternYpe to work better, gain new personal skills and grow higher. To discover their own leadership and develop it.

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