ternype networking meeting in Rome, Italy

These days ternYpe - International Roma Youth Network has come together in Rome, Italy, for several days to reflect, to share experience, to learn from each other, to discuss the internal development of the network, and also the external development regarding initiatives concerning Roma youth. About 40 youth leaders representing their organizations from 9 different countries celebrate in the meeting from November 5th to 10th the closing of the first campaign of ternYpe. The ternYpe European Youth Campaign for ALL in ONE society stands up for mutual respect and responsibility of ALL in ONE society. We stand up against extremism, antigypsyism, racism, stigmatization and discrimination in Europe.

Every spring and every fall ternYpe meets for a five day lasting networking meeting hosted by one of the member organizations in order to discuss about empowerment, mobilization and participation of Roma youth. Sharing experience and practices from grassroots level is the key strength and essence of our network and common learning process. In this meeting, hosted by our member organization Roma Onlus, we focus on the reflection of our grassroots practices during this year, especially in the framework of the ternYpe campaign for ALL in ONE society. Moreover, we will spend intensive efforts and energy to develop a strategic action plan.

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UNESCO Youth Forum 2011 in Paris, Oct 2011

Denisa from Slovakia participated in the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris. Read here about her experience:

7th UNESCO Youth Forum was held on 16-20th of October 2011 in Paris, France organised by UNESCO. Young delegates from all over the world gathered to make their voice heard and talk about the issues related to their countries. The main topic of the youth forum was „How Youth Drive Change“ and the subthemes were „Citizens in Action: Youth in Political and Public Life“, „ Countering Youth Exclusion, Vulnerability and Violence“ and „Breaking Through Employment Barriers“ As a delegate from Slovakia representing Roma Education Centre, member of ternYpe network, I had the opportunity to take part in this forum. 7th Youth Forum was made up of plenary and parallel sessions where we discussed the subthemes which I have already mentioned. The results of the youth forum were put together in a final report including suggested resolutions prepared by the drafting committee elected by delegates, that will be presented at the general conference of UNESCO in October 2011. The most important resolutions were equal access of youth to education, employment and health care and also emphasing the vulnerability and exclusion of youth in order to find solutions or ways how to approach it. 

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ternYpe at OSCE/ODIHR Roma Consultation Meeting, Oct 2011

TernYpe-International Roma Youth Network was participating actively from the  3rdto the 6th  of October at the annual OSCE/ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland, as youth organization we focus our speech on the the role of public discourse, the media and the civil society, we take part on different side events and remark the importance of the youth active participation on democratic institutions and existing structures.

The 1992 Helsinki Document mandates ODIHR – as the main institution of the human dimension – to organize a meeting to review the implementation of human dimension commitments entered into by all OSCE participating States and to look at ways to enhance compliance with these commitments. Last year on the margins of the OSCE Review Conference, they provide a space for an open dialogue and consultation on Roma and Sinti situation on Europe.

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ternYpe participated in II Youth Convention on Volunteering

12 ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network participants from all member organizations joined the II Youth Convention on Volunteering from September 7th-11th in Brussels, the biggest event organized by the European Youth Forum and hosted by the European Parliament in the framework of the European Year of Volunteering. During 3 days ternYpe was present with an information tent in the V-Village in front of the European Parliament, organized two workshops with different international youth organizations and presented the ternYpe European Youth Campaign for ALL in ONE society.

The event was organized by the European Youth Forum, the biggest platform of youth organizations in Europe, bringing together 98 National Youth Councils and international youth organizations, which works to empower young people to participate actively in society by representing and advocating their needs and interests towards European Institutions, Council of Europe and the United Nations.

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Action day!

Take part in our action!

In Bulgaria and Czech rioting mobs are burning Roma houses. In Hungary Roma sleep with fear of nighttime murder attacks. In Germany, Roma sleep with fear of deportation in the dawn. Moreover, in Kosovo Roma are scared of leaving their houses (if they are so lucky to have one) because of being attacked on the street for racist reasons. In Romania Roma try to escape depr...essing poverty by working in western European countries under humiliating conditions, in Montenegro ..., in Italy ..., in France ..., in ...
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Sharing and Learning: OSI summer camp Barvalipe: Building Roma Pride

Barvalipe: Building Roma Pride

Participants in the Barvalipe Roma Pride Summer Camp add spices to the pot during a traditional Roma cuisine cooking lesson outdoors over open fires. Photograph: Pamela Chen/Open Society Foundations

For decades we at the Open Society Foundations have been committed to bringing about real change for Europe’s Roma. As part of this commitment, we have invested in the next generation of Roma: supporting thousands scholarships through the Roma Education Fund; securing more than a hundred internships and trainings opportunities at institutions such as the European Commission, European Parliament, and Council of Europe; and providing intensive English-language training for university students. Due to this support, over the years a new Roma elite has emerged in Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo,  Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.

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Strasbourg Romani Youth Demonstration in front of the EU Parliament (2nd video)

60 Youth Roma and Non-Roma declared their position in support of the Roma in Bulgaria and other Eastern EU countries and stand against the HATE, VIOLENCE, RACISM AND THE SILENCE OF EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS. author: Emil Metodiev, Pakiv Network


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Participants in Roma Youth Conference in Strasbourg call for paying attention to anti-gypsy protests in Bulgaria

Strasburg, 28/09/2011

The participants of the Roma Youth Conference in Strasbourg, are concerned about the current rise of extremism, racism and anti-gypsyism in many European countries, and particularly about the unbearable increase of violence and hatred in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and other places across the Europe.
Right now, all over Bulgaria, including major cities, extremist groups led by the far-right political parties VMRO and ATAKA and joined by football hooligans are running pogroms in Roma neighborhoods creating a climate of fear and insecurity.
Since September more than eight anti-Roma marches were organized in the north of Czech Republic. The increase of violence and clashes between Roma and non-Roma are becoming a daily terror for local people. Slogans such as “gypsies to the gas chambers” remind us of Nazi persecution of Jews and Roma.
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Young Roma and non-Roma stand up against hate, violence, racism and the silence of European governments


60 Youth Roma and Non-Roma declared their position in support of the Roma in Bulgaria and other Eastern EU countries and stand against the HATE, VIOLENCE, RACISM AND THE SILENCE OF EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS.

author: Emil Metodiev, Pakiv Network

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