ternYpe European Youth Campaign for CHANGE RECOGNITION, and GRASSROOTS MOBILIZATION 15-21 September 2013

TernYpe new European Campaign is coming soon. We are gathering 40 Roma and non-Roma participants from 12 countries in Budapest for 5 days seminar which is organized with Council of Europe in the frame of the Roma Youth Action Plan. The Roma and non-Roma youths will work together by sharing their experiences and ideas from the grassroots level but also build a new collaborations for the future.
The Study Session aims to raise the capacity and cooperation of young Roma and non-Roma multipliers, activists and youth organization by developing and stimulating new and creative methods and approaches for a Europe-wide grassroots campaign for change recognition and grassroots mobilization.
The seminar aims to support this in several ways, including by defining vision with principles, outcomes, create slogans and messages on the basis of a campaign framework. They will raise awareness and strength common understanding of the campaign issues. Capacity-building will be another component of this seminar between the youth organization and youth activists by developing methods and action repertoire.
Present will be also Roma and non Roma volunteers, ternYpe Young Professionals, youth leaders, national campaign coordinators , online activist who are active in Roma communities and experts in working with Roma communities and Roma youth.
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