Projects 2011:

  • Street actions and music concert in a public square in Barcelona

We arranged a music show in a public square in Barcelona and different workshops andstreet actions. With dance, theatre and music we used the public and common space to share our conception of youth work and our vision about the Roma related issues with the citizens of Barcelona.We used street concerts as a resource to invite people to participate in the different activities that our organization providesand distributed flyers and information about the actual situation of Roma in Europe. Short public speeches focused on the importance of mutual respect and cooperation between Roma and non-Roma for constructing a better society for everybody.

  • Meeting with representatives of the Cataluña government

We organized a meeting with politicians of the Catalan government. We visited the Barcelona City council and we invited people from different Roma and non-Roma organizations to talk about mutual respect and understanding the core topic of the ALL in ONE campaign in Barcelona. We met the responsible politician for Roma policies in Cataluña and also we underlined the increasing importance of the youth participation in the existing democratic structures.

Photographic course and exhibition

We organized a photography workshop in Barcelona. Equipped with digital cameras and accompanied by a professional trainer, young Roma of Barcelona have been able to create a photographic account of their realities. In a subsequent exposition we invited the public to reflect on those realities and of the social situation of many young Roma in their neighborhood. The pictures were used as tool to spread the idea of mutual understanding and mutual accountability concerning inclusion of Roma youth in all the mechanisms of society, as well as to lobby for equal opportunities.


  • “Let the Roma youth be heard”

Ternikalo 21 participates in a European Project “Let the Roma youth be heard”, coordinated by GSI Italia and funded by “Youth in Action”. The objective of the project is to increase journalistic skills of the Roma youth. As part of the project, Ternikalo 21 has created an online blog at:

  • Classes of Rromanes

Ternikalo 21 has initiated classes of Rromanes in Barcelona district of la Mina. The classes are for beginners and have the objective of introducing the language of the Roma to the Spanish Calo youth. Rromanes in Spain has been largely forgotten, due to the centuries of persecution – in Spain it was forbidden to speak Rromanes, and those who did faced harsh punishment.

  • International Seminar in Barcelona in May 2011. Festival Primavera Kalo.

On May 28th 2011 the first edition of the Roma Youth Festival “Primavera Kalo” took place in the Plaça del Sol in Barcelona. The event was organized by Ternikalo XXI, the Spanish member organization of the International Roma Youth Network ternYpe. The Festival was organized in the framework of Spanish actions of the “ALL in ONE” campaign, implemented in all member countries of TernYpe network. Primavera Kalo was organized in collaboration with Roma and non-Roma youth from different European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain), participants in the seminar “Strategies for mobilization, participation and empowerment of Roma youth”.

  • Mexico-Flamenco Documentary and Music Album

Ternikalo 21 participates in a project Mexico-Flamenco, who pretends to build an understanding between Spanish Roma and Mexico. The project consists in two parts: recording a music album Mexico-flamenco and a documentary which follows the artists and shows the different phases of the project.


Photography project Ternikalo 21 is organizing a photography project, where a group of 20 Roma youth from different districts of Barcelona will be invited to learn the basics of professional photography. The participants will learn from professional photographers and their final assignment will be to portrait their reality, to show “Barcelona through the eyes of Roma youth”. The project will end with a photo exhibition.