Primavera Kaló 2011 Festival

On May 28th 2011 the first edition of the Roma Youth Festival “Primavera Kalo” took place in the Plaça del Sol in Barcelona. The event was organized by Ternikalo XXI, the Spanish member organization of the International Roma Youth Network ternYpe. The Festival was organized in the framework of Spanish actions of the “ALL in ONEcampaign, implemented in all member countries of TernYpe network. Primavera Kalo was organized in collaboration with Roma and non-Roma youth from different European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain), participants in the seminar “Strategies for mobilization, participation and empowerment of Roma youth” organized by Ternikalo XXI, which took place in Barcelona between 25 and 30th of May 2011. (more infos about Roma Youth Festival "Primavera Kalo" )

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