Nakeramos get " Full membership of ternYpe" Interview with Maria Rubia


When did you decide to present Narerramos as an organization working for the rights of the Roma people to Ternype?

Since Nakeramos has always collaborated with Ternikalo in everything and it has helped Ternikalo to bring its projects to completion during difficult times, the decision to present its candidature seemed to be consequential.

What are the mission and the vision of Nakerramos, your role in the organization, and the main activities in this period?

The mission and the vision of Nakeramos  are exactly the same as the ones of Ternype.

The core philosophy is creating processes and spaces that would enable the youth’s mobilization, participation, development and emancipation, encouraging them to come up with a personal position, based on their real needs. When we talk about emancipation, we are referring to a context in which the young people, through activism and participation, are the main actors. My role inside the organization is to keep in direct contact with the local communities, to develop relationships with the young people and their families, encouraging their participation as active citizens in society. It’s necessary to maintain a strong connection with our roots, otherwise all of this would not make sense.

What do Nakeramos and Ternype have in common?

Given that mission and vision are common to the two organizations, Nakeramos maintains an intercultural approach through which we create interaction between roma and non-roma people. We believe that this is the only way we can develop a positive interaction that would encourage empathy for a real coexistence, from a perspective of social and cultural enrichment. These are essential conditions for the progress of society in the current geopolitical situation that presents so many challenges.

What do you think about the fact that Nakeramos started by being an Associate Member and has now acquired the status of Full Membership?

Well, let’s say that It was a recognition of my hard work. I’ve always felt part of the network, since I’ve been there since the beginning and I’ve seen it grow. Thanks to the fact that Ternype opened its doors to grassroots organizations and informal youth groups, Nakeramos was able to participate to the meeting in Frankfurt and have an active role in the work group for the creation ofDIK I NA BISTAR.

How did people take the news that you are now part of Ternype?

They were all really happy, becauseTernype is synonym for unity, responsibility, competence, transparency, dependability, and openness toward diversity.


In which ways will Nakerramos be different now that it’s part of an international group like Ternype?

Like I said before, on an emotional level, nothing is going to change… At a local level, becoming an official member will certainly help us attain a higher prestige in our relationships with the institutions and the authorities that already know and appreciate Ternype.

How will Nakeramos contribute to the work of Ternype in the future?

We want to contribute to the realization of the mission and the vision, always prioritizing the basic needs, despite the individual representation. Working in the social field means sacrificing the personal interests for the sake of the community: the most important thing for Nakeramos is to bring the work of the European network Ternype to the local and national level, in order to build, through the associations and the informal youth groups, networks that will share what Ternype believes in.

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