Call for applications (Oct 22): The role of youth work in combating segregation in school environments

The Youth Department of the Council of Europe is launching a call for participants for the seminar “The role of youth work in combating segregation in school environments: a seminar for youth workers and actors in formal education”, which will be held in Strasbourg, 21-24 November 2012. Deadline for applying: 22 October 2012.
By organising this seminar, the Youth Department of the Council of Europe seeks to support the role of youth work, youth organisations and education actors actively engaged in fighting segregation, by promoting the exchange of practices on fighting segregation and identifying principles and approaches applicable to youth, educational, and social policies.

The specific objectives of the seminar are:
  • To review the causes, challenges, and manifestations of school segregation across Europe;
  • To share practices and approaches from the field of youth work and formal education;
  • To identify future actions needed to better equip youth work and policies for addressing segregation in schools;
  • To familiarise participants with the approaches and activities of the Council of Europe in the area of fighting segregation in schools, and supporting intercultural and human rights education;
  • To provide input from the Roma Youth Action Plan and the Enter! project on access to social rights for all young people.
The seminar is also designed as a mutual learning situation where participants can share their realities, experiences, and approaches across Europe in an intercultural dialogue. Participants will be formal education actors, as well as representatives of youth organisations and other youth work structures tackling segregation in school environments, from all the countries of the European Cultural Convention.
Please consult the attached call and the link below for more details and for applying online:


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