Attacks against Roma in Hungary are continuing

Tatárszentgyörgy, Gyöngyöspata, and now Putnok.

The life of Roma in Hungary became very hard in the last 3 years. I wonder what should happen to see and feel some change. The reaction of the police in the case of Putnok is again not too convincing... ternYpe tries to do everything to do as much as possible for a better living together, but it’s not easy.

Let me express here my proudness of the Hungarian ternYpe campaign team... They are brave and pure. Thank you, guys.

Below I translated an article of  

20th July, Wednesday at about 7 pm shots penetrated through two houses inhabited by Roma in the common court of the gate. One ball whistled under the hit. The attack has not damaged anybody. The spokesman of the Police in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, said that the gate is swollen and since it is from chipboard, it cannot be determined if the holes on the gate are from the bullets whether original, and when they have been formed will examine experts.

Laszlo Csizi and just four of his five children were at home when they heard shots outside. 'We noticed a loud bang, and that it moved to the door. We ran out into the yard, a few seconds later came the next hit and heard a bullet whistled next to us. "

The yard of the Csizi family consists of two houses, in one with he and his wife live with the kids, in the other his sister, her husband and four children. His sister just walked in the adjacent park, where he heard the shots, but they believed that they are fireworks.

The bullets hit two hole cards to the home-made chipboard OSB's goal, 50-70 cm high.  Mr. Csizi and the arriving police patrol concluded from the fibrousity of the holes, that the shots could come from the direction behind the houses from beyond the creek, which is overlooking to the courtyard of the Csizi family.

The house is not on the Roma settlement, but in the city near the center of at the Serényi Laszlo square, close the castle and the main road nr. 26. Near the area live the majority (non Roma). The police patrol requested for CSI, but the police office of Ózd replied that they can go out if first he and the inhabitants find thecartridge cases, which in Mr. Csizis opinion can be everywhere in an area of hundred squares.. The family didn’t might to sleep home after.

The news of the announcement and of the deployment of patrol was confirmed in the evening by the police office of, but no one commented in the absence of the commander.

The spokesman in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Police confirmed the case in Putnok for MTI (Hungarian Press Office), which shortly before half past seven have been announced. She said that the police went to the site where Mr. Csizi has shown two holes of the chipboard door. For now, Mr. Csizi did not know for sure that heard the voice of weapons or fireworks are heard, she said. The data suggest that the two neighbors have not heard anything, hundred meters far away they found another witness who has seen something, said the spokesman. She indicated that it has been rained, and the door made of chipboard, and it’s possible swollen because of the water. You cannot determine, if the holes come from bullets or anything else, nor do you know if they have been engendered now or earlier, this will be examined by experts.

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